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Add the element of “OMOTENASHI” to your lifestyle.

For your everyday and your special days,
having a housekeeper capable of the highest quality of “OMOTENASHI (hospitality)“ by your side will bring joy to you,
your family, and even your friends who come visit your home.

Selected experienced housekeepers with a thorough knowledge of both Japan and the world make up our elite
non-Japanese staff who wield the spirit of OMOTENASHI to bring you the finest quality of living.

A comfortable space where the passing of time is relaxed and pleasant
is certain to make your days brighter and your life more enriched.

Our global standard of OMOTENASHI will create more smiles in your life.

This is the premium housekeeping service we offer.

The Finest in Omotenashi

Ngiti (pronounced “neetee”) means “smile” in Tagalog.
We bring to your lifestyle (“kurashi” in Japanese) with
smiles (“nity” pronunciation in Tagalog).

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Providing service quality to meet your needs in addition to day and time requirements

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*Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.
*Some areas may need further consultation.

the Brand Story

The beginnings of Kurashinity

  • Social Solution CompanySolving Social Issues

    Pasona creating an abundant living by “Leveraging People” Human Resource Development, Human Resourcing Dispatching ProfessionalA leading company providing comprehensive human resource services
  • Women’s Workstyle ServicePromoting women’s success in the workplace

    Entering a new phase of “Work and Family Balance” Promoting women’s active participation in the economy projectsSupport employment and career development of women

Pasona has been aiming to build a society where work can adapt to the lifestyle changes of individuals. As part of our women’s advancement projects, we launched a “Kurashinity”, a housekeeping service designed to support “Work and Family and Balance”

Start of “Accepting Foreign Housekeepers Project” In the year 2015, the employment of foreign workers in the housekeeping industry in the National Strategic Special Zone was approved. Targeting “Further Women Empowerment”, we established “Kurashinity”

Empower all women with the aim of gender equality in the world.
Kurashinity, a housekeeping service, generating contribution to the society.

“Work and Family Balance” Support comfortable living by outsourcing household chores Mutual support on various advancement project “Career Support for Filipino Women” Skills advancement through continuous human resource development program

Mutual support on various advancement project

Service Quality

Housekeepers with superb skills and a broad range of experience creating fine quality living

Well-versed in the world and Japan, our staff are globalized.

High-grade service quality
by Kurashinity

Having immense experience in “Human Resource Development”, Kurashinity selects and employs highly skilled housekeepers.

Global training and
staffing services company

Partnering with Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.* enables the employment of world-class housekeepers even in Japan.

House Keeper Meister Program

Pasona’s proprietary assessment system to provide
you with the service quality that suits your needs

High quality service provided by Pasona Housekeeper
Meister-certified professionals

PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program

PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program


  • one star
  • two star
  • three star
  • four star
  • five star

Based on Pasona’s proprietary “Housekeeper Meister Program,” our housekeepers are divided into five levels of certification grades according to assessment criteria that includes number of years of work experience domestically and overseas, language skills, and service skills.

With regular training, we seek to improve the skills necessary to be a Kurashinity housekeeper and constantly aim to provide high-grade service quality.

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PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program

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