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Starting today, make it a habit to give yourself once a week day-off from household chores,

Fill your days with comfort and relaxation with Pasona’s prime housekeeping service, Kurashinity.

Kurashinity is the ideal service for those who are too busy with work and other responsibilities,
who want to keep their living spaces immaculate.
Our highly skilled housekeeping staff will provide the services to the customer’s home to perform chores on their behalf,
and the service plan is customized to fit the customer’s needs.


01Kurashinity is the ideal housekeeping serviceService in Tokyo & Kanagawa
Kurashinity mainly provides housekeeping services in Kanagawa and Tokyo Region (urban and sub-urban areas).
Feel free to contact us for more information!
02Housekeeping Staff Specially Selected for Your HomeHousekeeping Staff Specially Selected for Your Home
We train our housekeeping staff to provide high-quality housekeeping services before assigning them to customers. We hand-pick each housekeeper to ensure that they are best suited to care for your home.
Kurashinity takes out damage insurance in case our staff has caused damages to your property during the execution of service.
03Initial Service PlanInitial Service Plan
Our Initial Service Plans are designed so as to allow you to enjoy the quality of our services, and so we can listen to your requests. We will personally introduce you to housekeeping staff that we will assign to your home. Once you have fully understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the service, we can move forward with the regular service plan.
04Reasonable Costs and Flexible Schedules
		Reasonable Costs and Flexible Schedules
We provide high-quality services for a good value, at a reasonable cost of ¥5,000 per service. Customers with busy schedules can choose their preferred dates.

service plan

Initial Service Plan

The Initial Service Plan is designed so as to allow you to enjoy our housekeeping service first-hand. Our sales coordinator and the assigned housekeeping staff will conduct a customer consultation, and explain the details of our service, the terms and conditions, cleaning areas, and orientation of cleaning supplies. Once all has been confirmed, the housekeeping staff will provide the service.

Initial Service Plans for First-time users
  • ¥3,000/2h
  • Description
  • Cleaning
The “Initial Service Plan” is amanged for customers who are considering using Kurashinity’s Regular Service Plan.
The customer MUST be at home during the Initial Service Plan.
(Regular Service Plan can be delivered for customers while out or away from home.)
If a change in service schedule is necessary, customers must contact Customer Support Center between 9:00-18:00, at least one business day in advance.
On-the-day service schedule change request or non-notified cancellation will be charged full-price.

Regular Plan

Service Menu

Kurashinity offers a reasonable and user-friendly service, to best cater to each and every customer.
Customers can easily choose a plan that suits their needs and schedule.

Service Plan Fees

For a set price of ¥5,000 for a two-hour service, outsource your household chores with Kurashinity, your low-cost and high-quality housekeeping partner.

2 hrs/Service Plan 2s/mon ¥11,600 (tax excl.)
3 hrs/Service Plan 2s/mon ¥17,400 (tax excl.)
2 hrs/Service Plan 4 services/month ¥23,200 (tax excl.)

※Transportation cost INCLUDED!

※For other plan requests, contact us!

Service available time

Kurashinity provides a flexible service schedule on weekdays, from morning until evening. We work with schedules that are modified for busy individuals who prefer to have their residences cleaned when they are not at home. Please tell us your preference!

Service Time
9:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Mon~Fri (Exc. weekends & public holidays)

To START using our services

STEPS to start using Kurashinity's Service

Kurashinity is a perfect provider of services for customers who are struggling to juggle their careers with staying on top of their household chores.
Here are the simple, convenient steps to enjoying the benefits of Kurashinity!

STEP 01Kurashinity Website Online Registration
First, fill in the required information in the “Inquiries & Service Booking” section.
Always remember to select your desired days and time for the service.
STEP 02 Acknowledgement of Registered Contents and Scheduling for Initial Service Plan
Pasona will acknowledge the contents registered by the customer, who will then receive a phone call or e-mail for the scheduling of the Initial Service Plan.
※  There is a possibility that some registered details may not be acknowledged.
STEP 03 Customer Consultation Visit for the Initial Service Plan First-Hand Experience
Our sales coordinator and the assigned housekeeping staff will visit you in your residence and conduct a customer consultation by listening to and taking note of all your requests.

After the consultation, the staff will confirm the areas for cleaning, location of cleaning supplies, and perform an actual housekeeping service.

The total time for the Initial Service Plan is 2 hours.
STEP 04Agreement to the Service Contract of the Regular Plan
After the actual service, confirmation of service contents and scheduling will follow.
Kurashinity can offer a flexible plan modified to the customer’s lifestyle and service needs.
STEP 05Start of the Regular Plan
The commencement of our regular housekeeping services will allow Kurashinity to be your partner in doing your household chores, such as cleaning, shopping, laundry, and other household duties, taking weight off your shoulders.

If you would like to modify the service or change the schedule, our customer support center is always ready to assist you.