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Add the element of “OMOTENASHI” to your lifestyle.

For your everyday and your special days,
having a housekeeper capable of the highest quality of “OMOTENASHI (hospitality)“ by your side will bring joy to you,
your family, and even your friends who come visit your home.

Selected experienced housekeepers with a thorough knowledge of both Japan and the world make up our elite
non-Japanese staff who wield the spirit of OMOTENASHI to bring you the finest quality of living.

A comfortable space where the passing of time is relaxed and pleasant
is certain to make your days brighter and your life more enriched.

Our global standard of OMOTENASHI will create more smiles in your life.

This is the premium housekeeping service we offer.

Ngiti (pronounced “neetee”) means “smile” in Tagalog.
We bring to your lifestyle (“kurashi” in Japanese) with smiles (“nity” pronunciation in Tagalog).

Service Quality

Housekeepers with superb skills and a broad range of experience creating
fine quality living


Leading staffing
services company

Proving support for training and activities in Japan

Licensed accepting organization for the employment of
foreign housekeepers in National Strategic Special Zone.


Global training and
staffing services company

Global standard of housekeeping services

Partnering with Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.* enables the employment of world-class housekeepers even in Japan.
In addition to training unique to Japan, we provide comprehensive support that includes accommodations and lifestyle support giving our housekeepers peace of mind as they work.

Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.

One of the group companies belonging to major Philippine firm Magsaysay. The company has been training and providing staffing services in a broad range of occupations, including housekeepers, customer service, tourism, chefs, ship crew, and logistics, worldwide for more than 65 years. In the area of housekeeping in particular, 5,500 people have been educated as specialists at its training facility (Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts) where the company provides a training curriculum that has become the global standard for housekeepers working around the world.

Services area

Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.



※Some areas may need further consultation.


All staff members have national housekeeping qualifications


Every member of our staff is a Philippine national house keeping professional. They undergo more than 400 hours of thorough training over a three-month period in the Philippines. All staff members are nationally qualified in Philippine’s housekeeping.


Well-versed in the world and Japan, our staff are globalized.


We only employ people with a wealth of experience who have worked as a housekeeper for over a year in places like the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Our internationally exposed staff knows what lifestyles are like around the world and in Japan.


High quality service provided by Pasona Housekeeper Meister-certified professionals


Housekeeper Meister Program certification holders are classified by grades that are determined by years of experience in Japan and overseas, housekeeping skills, communication and hospitality abilities. We match you with the housekeeper and service quality that suits your needs.

House Keeper Meister Program

Pasona’s proprietary assessment system to provide
you with the service quality that suits your needs

PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program

PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program


  • five star
  • four star
  • three star
  • two star
  • one star

Based on Pasona’s proprietary “Housekeeper Meister Program,” our housekeepers are divided into five levels of certification grades according to assessment criteria that includes number of years of work experience domestically and overseas, language skills, and service skills.

With regular training, we seek to improve the skills necessary to be a Kurashinity housekeeper and constantly aim to provide high-grade service quality.

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PASONA Housekeeper Meister Program

More Details

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Providing service quality to meet your needs in addition to day and time requirements

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